Incorporating Teamwork Activities in Campus-Based Learning with Online Collaboration: A Case Study of Business-Majored Students

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There is a large body of previous research and practice which supports the academic benefits of collaborative learning. Nowadays, technology is an increasingly important part of learning and the use of the internet is becoming more common in the field of education. Traditional classroom collaborative learning is expanding to modern online collaborative learning as the internet is an important media for communication. Online collaborative learning has been considered as an essential learning strategy for campus-based class. In addition, businesses across the globe are increasingly using teams to accomplish important work or projects. Much of this work is also accomplished using technology tools to support their communication and collaborative efforts. The formation of virtual teams turns into common as companies are gradually becoming more multinational and distributed geographically. Traditional classroom learning is expanding to include internet environment. If the instruction incorporates teamwork activities in on line collaborative academic project, the setting can simulate the real work setting in which collaborating with coworkers or business associates worldwide is common practice. Student participating in the alternative setting will be valuable training and experience for their success in future careers.

Keywords: Online Collaborative Learning, Project-based Learning
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Incorporating Teamwork Activities in Campus-Based Learning with Online Collaboration, ,

Shy-Jen Guo

Instructor, Department of International Trade, National Taichung Institute of Technology

Prof. Guo's areas of expertise include electronic commerce, computer-aided instruction and technological education. She currently teaches at the department of international trade, National Taichung Institute of Technolgy.

Ref: T08P0137