Internet as a Communication Tool for Political Parties: An Analysis of 2007 Turkey’s General Elections

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Communication technologies recently have a major influence over all stages of social processes with the opportunities and facilities they provide to people and it makes them indispensable. Especially the internet which became more adapted into everyday lives and wider spread with the technological improvements has a major role among all these technologies. Internet is now a new media for both individuals and the groups formed by individuals and it can present its oral and visual messaging facilities to more users in an easier, faster and cheaper way. With the characteristics it owns internet provides a more participatory democratic atmosphere in political means; so it is used through adapting into political communication processes. The increasing importance of internet in political communication processes and the beginning of its common usage in return bring up usage of internet as a communication medium by the political parties which are among the important elements of the process. In political communication process, it is of vital importance especially for political parties to manufacture the public opinion and to direct it. Mass communication technologies fulfill important duties in sense of reaching to the masses, spreading the ideas and receiving feedback from the public during the formation of public opinion. Different from these entire technologies internet provides its users the ability to communicate mutually. Election periods are the times when political parties carry their political communication and marketing activities to the top level. All political parties make use of communication technologies during these periods in order to manufacture a public opinion in accordance with their goals. In this paper, the web sites of political parties who participate in 2007 Turkey’s General Elections and also had seats in the parliament during previous term are followed and analyzed within the election process.

Keywords: Political Comminication, Internet, General Election
Stream: Technology in Community
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Paper: Internet as a Communication Tool for Political Parties

Dr. Füsun Topsümer

Affiliation not supplied
Izmir, Turkey

Nahit Erdem Koker

Res. Assist.
IZMIR, Turkey

Mine Yeniçeri Alemdar

Res. Assist.
Izmir, Turkey

Ref: T08P0128