A Hybrid Online Research Instrument beyond the Traditional Web Survey and its Application

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Given the current proliferation of web surveys, more creative views about potential future forms of survey research merit serious attention. This paper advocates exploration and experiment in the use of an innovative hybrid survey-like instrument. The framework and the implementation of this developed online research instrument are presented, as a possible approach to a potentially valuable new research strategy. There follows a discourse of its application in a pilot project.

Keywords: Survey, Hybrid, Online, Interactive, Methods, Observation, Strategy
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Hybrid Online Research Instrument beyond the Traditional Web Survey and its Application, A,

Jingjing Zhang

PhD Student, Department of Education
Oxford, UK

I am doing a DPhil in Educational Studies at the University of Oxford. I am holding a BSc. in Computer Science and a Master of Research degree in Computer Science before I come to Oxford to pursue into Educational Research. Generally, I am interested in information visualisation, web development and e-learning. Currently, I am looking into the complexity of research activities, mainly focusing on how social networks in support of academic dialogue impact on the implementation of collaborative research itself, and to what extent they potentially constitute the basis of a learning environment for academics across disciplines at different stages in their careers.

Ref: T08P0127