The Dissemination of University Knowledge through Community Collaboration: University Activity in the Post-Katrina Environment

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From the perspective of public policy, a key set of issues centers on finding avenues for transferring breakthroughs in science to organizations which could potentially put the knowledge to use. The university can play an important role in both the creation and the dissemination of knowledge and thus act as a driver of innovation. Information on regional strengths can be used to influence organizations that are considering business opportunities along the Gulf Coast and to influence economic development investment decision makers. It will be necessary for the universities along the I-10 Corridor to assert leadership for the region in assessing its assets and leadership niches, as seen in the efforts of newly-industrialized countries. Universities must focus their research on regionally relevant areas, adjust programs and curricula to support these regional interests, and work with government and business entities to transfer relevant research into the commercial realm. The challenge involves translating the findings into policy recommendations and disseminating the findings and recommendations to governmental and organizational decision makers to have them acted upon.

Keywords: Knowledge Dissemination, Economic Development, Universities
Stream: Technology in Community, Knowledge and Technology
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Dr Cherie Trumbach

College of Business, University of New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Dr. Trumbach is an Assistant Professor of Management/ Information Systems at the University of New Orleans where she teaches Management of Technology and Knowledge Management. She has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with a focus on Information Engineering. Her professional experience includes consulting with Ernst & Young LLP in Management Consulting: Process Improvement on the Customer Service Consulting Team and systems integration with the Federal Government. She has also been an Orise Research Fellow and a Research Assistant for the Technology Policy and Assessment Center at Georgia Tech. Her publications focus on utilizing text data mining in technology decision-making and technical intelligence. In this area, she has also worked on numerous projects for the US government and corporate entities.

Dr Sandra Hartman

College of Business, University of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, USA

Dr Olof Lundberg

College of Business, University of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, USA

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