Super Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Society

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Concepts of artificial intelligence including 'understanding', human bias,limitations, and 'science', extensional logic along with information from scriptures(ancient texts) and experiences (personal and other) could form the basis for postulation of existence of superior intelligent beings in the universe These interesting aspects of super intelligence can lead to broad, strong and acceptable guidelines in the present society for happier living ambience.This naturally relates to spirituality and the concept of God. Human beings start classifying themselves into social, religious, scientific and different types of groups for reasons of convenience and possibly for physial and mental security.They fix thresholds for their capabilities based on perceived consequences.Present day 'science' represents organised observations, inferences and hypotheses which are generally verifiable and repeatable. Science deals with only 'how' of the phenomena and not 'why' Scientific knowledge is continuously improving getting modified in stages. Recent postulation of 'quarks'(subtomic particles and the existence of forces between them which increase with distance.Unexplainable phenoena are often ignored and discarded instead of keping them open for further investigations There is no justification in treating all celestial and other objects as lifeless as there is no interactive information with them.A proper definition of 'life' would be the existence of 'conscious energy'. Astrology, a highly elegant method of correlating just two paraeters, the time and place of birth of an individual with about two hundred life parameters is not given its due place The paper deals with analysis of these aspects along with some limited data from scriptures and experiences(personal and other) to postulate on the existence of super intellectual beings.It is hoped that this humble effort would trigger enthusiasm and futher efforts to obtain higher level of understaning in this regard.

Keywords: Super Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Definition of life, Human Bias, Human Limitations, Scriptures, Science, Quarks, Astrology, Capability Threshold, Extensional Logi
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
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Paper: Super Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Society

Dr Sarma Vsssr Achanta

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vasavi College of Engineering
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

I am a Ph.D.(I.I.T. Kanpur) in Mechanical Engineering.My working experience includes:1Yr.10 Months as Sr./Research Asst. in Heat Transfer Laboratory(I.I.T. Kanpur),29Yrs and 5 months as section head and Head of Structural Testing Laboratory(with Integrated Structural Testing and Evaluation Facility, Experimental Mechanics Laoratory (with holography, photo elasticity,Image Processng), Honeycomb Proto Laboratory, Acoustic Emission Laboratory) of I.S.R.O.(Indian Space Research Organization),Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (since 6 Years including as the Head of the Department for 2Yrs and 9 Months). Areas of Research Work/Experience: Structural Testing and Design of Test Rigs, Photo elasticity, holography,image processing, Acoustic Emission,rope way design,fabrication and commissioning,and Artificial Intelligence,. Guided 3 candidates for their Ph.D. and 15 for M.Tech. in these areas. Published 54 technical papers inthese areas(including 18 in International Journals)

Ref: T08P0101